8 Things you must know as a group traveller

8 Things you must know as a group traveller
  1. Make sure that the agency you are travelling with is the suitable one. If they offer details on your itinerary they take you. What’s included. If the agency is not able to give certain answers about transportation, flights, hotels, for an upcoming tour, look for new options.
  2. Check your friends first. There’s no point in taking with you, luxury-loving friend on expedition. You don’t want to see him complaining. You’re on vacation. Be in the moment. It’s not that big deal if the water pressure maybe sucks, since you’re on a tropical island or on a mount camp. Then check the travelling group. It is very important all team not to be same but similar.
  3. Follow the rules. You are an adult, possible world traveller but when you sign up for one of our trips, we have the responsibility to keep you safe. Tour leader do not have to deal with every people’s desire. It is important to understand that this itinerary planned this way for a reason. Shopping stops need free time and usually, this is not included in our full programs.
  4. There is an amazing feeling, when a team of strangers coming together to explore new places and cultures. Even if you are a person in control, it can be enjoyable, makes you free of all tasks.
  5. Try not to take sides when people are arguing. This is the leader’s case. We are team. Be practical. No one wants a morning coffee by the Nile, ruined by an argument.
  6. R e s p e c t. Everyone has different schedules, habits, reasons to travel. So, if you’re in a strange mood, do your best to keep it down. If you used to wake up late and you have a morning day tour, do your best to be on time. Nobody will be happy to see you running after the bus.
  7. Sharing is a good karma. Four chocolates are enough for you and your travel companions. Favour will be returned.
  8. Become a servant for the sake of the group. If that moment has come, you are our very favour guest.

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