8 THINGS a workaholic world will Not tell you

8 THINGS a workaholic world will Not tell you
  1.   Travelling reminds you to walk through life, not only with open eyes and ears but with an open mind.
  2.   Once you return from a journey, you are not the same person as the one who left. Maybe your decisions will change, maybe not. For sure you will decide like a king.
  3.   There are only 2 mistakes you can do. A) not going all the way. B) not starting. Life is all the rest.
  4.   On the return of your journey, try to see the person in front of you as a new one. If you fail, travel again.
  5.   Respect is another commission of travel. Understanding is the key for the world to survive.
  6.   You will meet unforgettable people. Would you ever imagine, you have this feeling in a small traditional village in Eastern Africa? How far was that sunshine that show who you are born to be?
  7.   Earn when you lose. You are lost in a city. No taxi, no bus, wandering. Suddenly you are in a corner with bistros, old bakeries and bookshops. Leave your plan. Get lost. This is value. This is earning.
  8.   You will be surprised of those strangers who did not forget you when you have gone. Finally, you pass every picture you took, and you stare in one child, the smiled one, because of you.

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